Each art piece is individually hand-crafted using a variety of clays and firing techniques to produce unique one-of-a-kind artwork. Firing temperatures range from earthenware to high-fired stoneware. Firing techniques include raku, oxidation, reduction and sawdust/pit firing. Clays include porcelain, stoneware, raku and earthenware.

These are fun and whimsical art pieces for your table, niche or walls. Individual pieces are embellished with one or more of the following: hand cut stones, leather, horsehair, fused glass, copper, feathers, shells, bone, porcupine quills, antler, driftwood, and/or beads. There are no mass production techniques employed in the fabrication of these clay pieces. Each has some link to Mother Earth from the clay and minerals that make up the glazes to semi-precious stones, shells or bone beads that embellish each piece.

Please note the pieces seen here are samples of our work and some of these pieces may have already been sold, but something similar may be commissioned. I show my work at juried contemporary art shows and at select galleries. Click the link on any of the pieces below to see more items from the same collection.


  • Earth Spirits & Desert Critters
    Double Quail
    Earth Spirits & Desert Critters
  • Cactus Totem & Outdoor Art
    Cactus Totems Group
    Cactus Totem & Outdoor Art
  • Mask Spirits
    Fire Hawk
    Mask Spirits
  • Figure Spirits
    Spirit Healer
    Figure Spirits
  • Free Spirits
    Free Spirits
  • Rock Spirits
    Rock Spirit
    Rock Spirits
  • Potpourri
    Clay Wall Pouch
  • Wood Spirits
    Morning Song
    Wood Spirits